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Frequency Upconversion in Er3+/Yb3+ Codoped Lead Bismuth Gallium Borate Glasses

K Krishna Murthy Goud1*, Ch Ramesh2 and B Appa Rao3

Introduction Recently, there has been great interest in the conversion of infrared light to visible light through energy upconversion in rare-earth doped glasses, due to the possibility of infrared-pumped visible lasers and the potential applications in areas such as optical data storage, lasers, sensors, and optical displays [1-3]. Among different oxide glass compositions, lead borate glasses doped with rare earth ... Read More »

Machinability and Wear of Aluminium based Metal Matrix Composites by MQL - A Review

Ankush Kohli*1, H. S. Bains2, Sumit Jain3 and D. Priyadarshi1

Introduction  Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are one of the advanced Functional materials having the properties of lightweight, good wear resistance,high specific strength and a low thermal expansion coefficient. These composite materials are used in constructural, aircrafts and automotive products like engine cylinder piston, cylinder liner, Brake disc anddrum etc. MMCs are composed of metallic base material, termed as matrix, which ... Read More »

Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Study of Biological Activity of Hydrazine  Derivatives

Poonam Goklani* and Anil Gupta

Introduction Hydrazine  derivatives  are  very  useful  compounds. These  are  used   in  pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, polymer  and dye industy.1 Hydrazines  derivatives  very  tremendously   not  only as  to modification in structure but also as  regard to  their  therapeutic  indication.2-4 Many of hydrazines having a simple structure are bacteriostatically active compounds which may be used as tuberculostatics, others are monoamine oxidase inhibitors, these are ... Read More »