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Recent Articles - Volume 10, Number 2

Effect of Tin Additions on Age Hardening Behaviour of AZ92 Magnesium Base Alloys

Pramod Kumar1, A. K. Bhargava1, Y. V. S. S. Prasad1, Govind2

INTRODUCTION Magnesium base alloy AZ92 has a prime importance in aerospace and automobile industry and has competitive mechanical properties with other magnesium base alloys. Since Age hardening or precipitation hardening is the most commonly used method for strengthening of light alloys1.  The fundamental understanding and basis for precipitation hardening, or age hardening, was established in early work at the U. ... Read More »

Precipitation of Sodium Diuranate from Alkaline Lean Liquor

S.Siddique1*, K.Srinivas1 and N.R.Mandre2

INTRODUCTION. There are two primary sources from which human being derives material wealth. One is things that grow and are harvested, which gives us agriculture, fishing, forestry etc. The other is materials in the ground that we discover and exploit by mining, beneficiation, metallurgical processing and manufacturing. Geologists discover ores, miners extract them from the earth and metallurgists process them ... Read More »

Electromagnetic Wave Propagation through Triangular Antenna Subject to Longitudinal Symmetric Conditions

S. Kumar

INTRODUCTION A convex triangular obstacle forms a vital part of a periodic echellete grating. In recent years1-10 quite a good number of results have been reported pertaining to the reflection, grazing and the diffraction of a propagating EM wave through a smooth, conducting and convex triangular obstacle K (Fig. 1). The obstacle is supposed to be hollow with an open ... Read More »