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Corrosion Studies on Tinned Iron Plates from Infant Food Cans

Anima Upadhyay and M. Chandrakala

Introduction Corrosion is a natural phenomenon. Destruction of the metal due to its slow oxidation with the surrounding environment is called corrosion. The wet chemical theory explains the corrosion of metals / alloys in various mediums / environment. Corrosion and its rate depend upon many factors. Surface and nature of the material play a significant role in corrosion and is ... Read More »

Synthesis and Characterization of Sintered AZ91D Magnesium Matrix Composites Reinforced with Red Mud Particles

D. Rajamani1*, A. Tamilarasan2, Balasubramanian Esakki and K. Ananthakumar3

Introduction Magnesium alloys have been gained much attention in automotive and electronic industries due to their light weight, excellent damping capacity, castability, and machinability [1]. However, insufficient high temperature strength and poor corrosion resistance of the magnesium alloys limit their extensive applications [2].The need for high performance and light-weight materials in aerospace and aeronautical industries has become increasingly urgent in ... Read More »

Evaluation and Characterization of Tensile Properties of Short Coated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Aluminium 7075 Alloy Metal Matrix Composites via Liquid Stir Casting Method

Suhas1,3, Jaimon D. Quadros2 and N. L. Vaishak1

Introduction Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) like most composite materials, provide significantly enhanced properties over conventional monolithic materials, such as higher strength, stiffness, and weight savings [1-2]. Metal matrix composites are used in a wide range of high performance applications today. The MMCs have been used in over 5.5 million kg during the year 2006 and are finding impetus in annual ... Read More »