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Analysis of AC-conductivity in chalcogenide Ge10Se20 Bi80Thin Film

Shiveom Srivastav

Introduction Chalcogenide materials have a great potential in phase-change random access memory (PRAM) devices are regarded to be a strongly promising candidate for the next generation nonvolatile memory (Doo Seok Jeong et al, 2011). These glasses are sensitive to the absorption of electromagnetic radiation and show a distinct photo induced effects. These properties show potential for numerous applications in active ... Read More »

Synthesis and Characterization of Methyl Methacrylate Modified Poly (Ester-Amide) Resins from Melia Azedarach Seed Oil as Coating Material

Sageer Ahamad, S. A. Ahmad and A. Hasnat*


Introduction Polymeric materials are playing very important role in the modern society and are replacing metals in diverse field of life 1-3. However, the major drawbacks of polymeric materials are their non-biodegradability especially those derived from petrochemicals4,5. Furthermore use of petrochemicals largely affected the environment with the increase in emission of green house gases and accumulation of non-biodegradable waste on ... Read More »

Study of Ruthenium Oxide, Manganese Oxide and Composite (Ru:Mn)O2 Thin Film Electrodes Assembled by Layer by Layer Spin Coating Method

P. S. Joshi1 and D. S. Sutrave2*


Introduction The development of energy storage devices is extremely important to store the harvested energy for wide applications. Batteries, conventional capacitors and supercapacitors are the commonly used energy storage devices. Nowadays, supercapacitors are exhibiting wide applications in electric vehicles, consumer electronic devices, pacemakers and so on. Supercapacitor offers the ability to store or release energy in timescales of a few ... Read More »