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Preparation of Gallium Antimonide and its Characterization

J. Chidanandappa1,   K. Eswara Prasad2, K. Balaraju3 and V. N. Mani3

Introduction GaSb is a potential III-V semiconductor material required for transistors, laser diodes, photo-detectors and fiber optic communication and other related opto-electronic applications [1].  GaSb has the band gap of 0.17 eV at 300K, that corresponds to IR wave length (6.2 um) and thus find in variety of IR related optoelectronic applications. Gallium antimonide is an important substrate material due ... Read More »

Magnetic properties of SrFe12-xAlxO19

I. Bsoul 1*, W. I. Da'as 2

Introduction Strontium ferrite compound (SrFe12O19) belongs to hexaferrite group, which attracts a considerable attention due to their enormous ability to be used as storage media and the fabrication of permanent magnets. Fabrication method plays an important role in determining the magnetic, electrical and some structural properties of the end product. Also the magnetic properties can be controlled by the replacement ... Read More »

Impact of annealing on structural and optical properties of CoPc thin films

Husam M. El-Nasser

Introduction Organic semiconductors, such as metal phthalocyaninesm (MPcs) have gained much research attention in the development of photodetectors, organic transistors, sensitive gas sensors, and flexible solar cells [1-5]. Metal phthalocyanines exhibit thermal stability, chemical inertness, high molecular symmetry, and favorable optical properties. Besides, MPcs can be easily sublimed in high vacuum resulting relatively pure thin films with good growth properties ... Read More »