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Intermolecular Interaction of Methyl Formate with 1-butanol,  1-Pentanol and 1-Hexanol at 303K

Sampandam Elangovan* and Dereje Wakgari Amente


Introduction Intermolecular interaction among the liquid mixtures takes place a vital role in chemical industries and reseaech field.1-3. The dielectric relaxation studies take a vital role to elucidate the nature of interactions in a liquid system with polar and non polar molecules. 4,5 Methyl formate is used in various chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Alcohols are highly polar and self associated ... Read More »

In-Situ Preparation of Conducting Polymers/Copper(II)-Maghnite Clay Nanocomposites

Fatima Zohra Zeggai1,2* , Mohammed Belbachir 2 and Aicha. Hachmaoui3


Introduction Recently, clay/polymer nanocomposites have aroused high interest, both in industry and in academia [1,2] especially polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites. These nanocomposites are currently prepared by various methods: in-situ polymerization, intercalation from a polymer solution, and direct intercalation by molten polymer (melt compounding) [3]. The growing interest in polymer nanocomposites initiates from the improvement of enhanced mechanical, flame retardant, gas barrier ... Read More »

Machinability and Wear of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites by MQL - A Review

Ankush Kohli*1 , H. S. Bains2, Sumit Jain3 and D. Priyadarshi1


Introduction Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites (Al MMCs) are one of the latest Functional materials having the properties of high wear resistance, good specific strength, light weight and has capable to adjust the thermal expansion coefficient. Al MMCs composite materials are used in constructural, aircrafts and products used in automobiles like piston cylinder, cylinder liner, Brake disc and drum etc. ... Read More »