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Recent Articles

Synthesis of Polyaniline-Graphite Nano-Composites

M. A. Gadyal*1, K. S. Venkatesh2


Introduction Materials science studies the fundamental physical and chemical basis for the controlled combination of atoms to form new compounds, phases, and micro structures, as well as the characterization of the resulting structures and their properties. One of the more important groups of materials in our lives today is composite material. The man made composite materials, that are a three-dimensional ... Read More »

Review on Piezoelectric Materials as Thin Films with their Applications

Ajay Palshikar*1, N. N. Sharma1


Introduction Piezoelectric materials have been largely used in transducers since the last century [1]. Moreover, many piezoelectric materials have been synthesized by blending two compounds in appropriate proportions to tailor the properties of the so formed materials to suit the application [1]. After the discovery of naturally occurring piezoelectric materials, perovskite structured piezo-ceramics have been synthesized with far better piezoelectric ... Read More »

Chaetomorpha Antennia Extract as a Green Inhibitor for Corrosiono Brass in 0.1 N Phosphoric AcidSolution

R. Selva Kumar1,2 and V. Chandrasekaran3


Introduction Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) is a major chemical product, which has many important uses especially in the production of fertilizers. Most of the acid is produced from phosphate rock by wet process. Brass and stainless steel are frequently used in many parts of the wet process and a considerable quantity of data has been published about the resistance of these ... Read More »