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Electroanalytical Study on the Corrosion Behaviour of TiO2 Particulate Reinforced Al 6061 Composites

H C Ananda Murthy


Introduction Particulate reinforced aluminium metal matrix composites (Al MMCs) and other aluminium based materials having huge applications in diverse fields such as light weight automotive structures, forgings for suspension, chassis, as well as advanced automotive components are exposed to a wide variety of corroding environment. Alloys of Al reinforced with ceramic oxides, carbides, nitrides and mineral silicate particulates possess attractive ... Read More »

Polyaniline-Copper Oxide Nano-Composites: Synthesis and Characterization

L. I. Nadaf*1, K. S. Venkatesh2


Introduction Materials have been very important in the history of human endeavors. One of the more important groups of materials in our lives today is composite material. The man made composite material, is a three-dimensional combination of at least two chemically distinct materials, with a distinct interface separating the components, created to obtain properties that cannot be achieved by any ... Read More »

Machined Surface Topography Investigation in Turning of Titanium Alloy (Ti-6al-4v) Using Steam as A Coolant

Afaqahmed M. Jamadar1, Vilas Shinde2, Muhammedumar M. Jamadar3 and Javed Kazi1


Introduction Surface topography is the representation of geometric as well as functional features of the surfaces produced. Due to machining or metal working process assessment of surface topography comprises measurement of surface roughness which gives idea about the smoothness of the surface and the examination of the surface alterations. Surface alterations are fundamentally damage or flaws which are produced when ... Read More »