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An Extractive pH Dependent Solid Phase Spectrophotometric (SPS) Determination of Mn (II) and Cu (II) By Using N, N′-Bis(5-(4-Nitrophenyl)Diazenyl)-2-Hydroxybenzylideneamino) Ethylenediimine (NDHBDED) Modified with Alumina

Md. Faridur Rahman1*, Aniruddha Chakraborty2 and Tanmoy Das1

Introduction First transition series metals have wide spectrum of industrial applications, especially in steel, catalyst, alloy, electroplating, ceramics & petrochemical industries1-3. Some of them play important roles in the biology of micro-organisms, plants and human nutrient. Among heavy elements, Mn (II) and Cu (II) metal ions are problematic in human physiology4-5. Manganese is widely distributed in earth crust and biological ... Read More »

Dc Ionic Conductivity Study by Two Probe Method on (1-X)Pb(No3)2:Xceo2 Composite Solid Electrolyte

Y. Govind Reddy1, A. Sadananda Chary1, S. Narender Reddy2*

Introduction The enhancement of ionic conductivity in inorganic ionic solids by dispersion of fine insulating and insoluble particles has been reported by several authors1. The presence of high ionic conductivity with negligible electronic conductivity of these systems has attracted a great deal of interest from industry and researchers due to their potential applications in solid state ionic devices in the ... Read More »

Synthesis of Polyaniline-Graphite Nano-Composites

M. A. Gadyal*1, K. S. Venkatesh2


Introduction Materials science studies the fundamental physical and chemical basis for the controlled combination of atoms to form new compounds, phases, and micro structures, as well as the characterization of the resulting structures and their properties. One of the more important groups of materials in our lives today is composite material. The man made composite materials, that are a three-dimensional ... Read More »